We hope you enjoy our dreams!

Meet Nightly Terror!

Nightly Terror is a very very scary boogeyman!

He's a very good story teller, but with a bitter aftertaste like I the supreme boogeyman himself likes it the best! For he does not bring good dreams, he brings nightmares in the worse kind!

He is not born such a dreadful boogeyman but his long long life turned him into one!

Like a lot of us really, we can't all be sweet you know there has to be some deviance in a club like ours! Cause let's be honest have you ever seen such a big collection of boogeyman and women? 

And all of these people makes a boogeyman's club! Some are sweet but some are rotten too like Nightly Terror and myself! But heck aren't we all a little bit rotten inside? I'd like to think so that makes us just ordinary people!

For this boogeyman only the biggest baddest nightmare is the one that you can learn from!

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