We hope you enjoy our dreams!

My new custom book idea! I'm going to need mommy or daddy for this one!! 

We the boogeyman/woman am humbly requesting all parents to join forces with us!
For the children's books are downloaded like crazy, while my 18+ books aren't rolling out that easily:

Our question to all of the parents around the world is to send an email with help of the button above/below, with your child's back story and the nightmares or dreams that he/she is having, and I the supreme boogeyman will make it worth your while.

For we create a personal story about them and sent you a free copy of the children's book (or just their own story) in pdf file, or you can go even beyond that.
And I'll send you a paperback with your own created cover or title with a personal message from any of the boogeymen of our beautiful boogeyman's club or yourself or maybe both for your child!

That's the idea of my new children's book while you can choose between the whole book or just your child's story, all at printing/shipping costs off course! Causewe boogeymen don't want to make a single dime of the children who we try to help (all children need help from time to time)! And we are going to be as transparent and honest as possible about the costs! 

So we have to call out to all parents to send a email with your child's nightmares/dreams to the supreme boogeyman at the email addresses with the buttons above or below!

Or click here for the boogeyman/woman of your own choice!

And all is open to discuss the length of the book the title of the book and the cover of the book, for I have a big children's wish but I unfortunately always will remain the supreme boogeyman!

Hope I've informed you enough and I'll keep in touch with future developments!