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Cheap cheap cheap!!

Custommade English of Nederlands children's book paperback!

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Custommade English of Nederlands children's book paperback!
Cheap cheap cheap!!

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We at the boogeymans club create custom children's books. We just got started with this project and we awaiting the first order!

for more Information send an email to the.supreme.boogeyman@gmail.com 

And I´ll keep you informed about all costs because worldwide shipping can have a different pricetag in each country! And I know 30 euro´s of shipping is waaaaaaaaaay too much but for some countries it´s needed while for other countries like Belgium or any european country shipping lies around the 15 bucks or for Nederland it´s only 6 euro´s.... Everything you overpay in shipping is refunded by me you´ve got my scouts honor on that!

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Shipping Costs And Explanation
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