We hope you enjoy our dreams!

The boogeyman beater club android APK!

Feel welcome in the boogeyman's club!

Like you can see in the video one of my boogeyman soldiers has made, mankind has hunted us for years and years! That's why we are particularly cautious of who we let inside of our so beautiful club!

Only if you are pure in heart, only then is when you can come in to our club! For it's build that way, to keep the filth on the streets and to let the right people in!

I know what you might think: 

This is just a stupid little boys club! 

But kiddo I the supreme boogeyman myself is 2800 years old as of last month, and let me tell you that I'm not even the oldest here!

¿So little boy's club?

No this is a place for all ages, young old or just farting or worse.... This is a place where everyone is equal to one another a place with respect for eachother and offering eachother help in a hard time! This is a place of never dying friendship and a place to calm your head while you can write down ideas for our next books. Or when I trust you fully I'll put more features of the boogeyman's club online for you to peak at!

Well I can only say enjoy your stay in the boogeyman's club! And don't leave anytime soon!

Help us create our new story by writing your idea down!

Even boogeymen need help from time to time!

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