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Salonok the great!

Meet Salonok another good boogeywoman like well I'm starting to think everyone is good....

Salonok is a boogeywoman who is great in telling the kids what they shouldn't do! 

If the kids try it anyway she is also a boogeywoman who will reach out to me The supreme one yadiyadiyada, and  willl give them a nightmare what they will always remember!

But coming back to Salonok the great!

She's been given the name Salonok the great because she really, really likes to burn stuff! like you see here on the picture! and she always walks away smiling after she's done it! but she always will remain a good boogeywoman for you the child and for us in the boogeyman's club for she takes care of all of us! And you'll see what I mean soon enough! 


For this boogeywoman the past is nothing but a new start!

Salonok the great

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