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The boogeyman's club birthday wall!

So your birthday is coming up already and did mommy or daddy told you already what was happening behind the closed doors of the boogeyman's club?

Well we were planning your birthday too, and now all we need is a bit of information about your upcoming birthday so we can offer you a place on our unbeatable and greatest ever birthday wall! 

A wall of eternal gratitude or just a wall of honour however you can or will see this wall it's not any wall, for this wall connects child to boogeymen and boogeyman to child as the wall represents the fear and ultimate fight against our breed:

The boogeymen in our boogeyman's club!


Onze allereerste boeman klopper is vandaag 9 geworden en wij van de boemannen club feliciteren Salty Nate met zijn verjaardag! heel heel hartelijk gefeliciteerd Salty Nate!