All our boogeymen beaters!

All children can beat their biggest fear! Can steer their worst nightmare! And this is the ultimate list of boogeyman beaters worldwide! Starting with Nathan, we at the Boogeyman beater club congratulate you!

Also earn a certificate like this one? Download the free children's book and keep me informed about the nightmares of the next potential boogeyman beater!

 The boogeymen beater club congratulates all our boogeymen beaters!

 We are proud of you all!

How to get your own free certificate Only at the boogeyman beater club
First thing to beat the boogeyman Download the free boogeyman beater guide
Next thing let mom or dad read to you before you go to sleep Or grandma or grandpa your sister brother uncle or neice
Let´s see if you still got nightmares whena couple days pass If not contact me The Supreme Boogeyman
And you get your own certificate just like the one before you You are now a boogeyman beater

Nathan #1

Gefeliciteerd Nathan! Jij bent de allereerste boeman verslaander en we zijn trots op je, jij bent een echte superheld! Ook jouw nachtmerries zijn maar gewoon dromen en jouw dromen zijn je grootste fantasie, dus eigenlijk zijn nachtmerries niks meer dan een fantasie! De boemannen club feliciteert alle kinderen die hun nachtmerries in fantasie hebben veranderd!

Elizabeth #2

Congratulations Lizzie you are the second one to beat the Boogeymen and the only one who has done it the way youve done it... 

You just told him to Back Off!!

we as the Boogeyman beater club collective congratulate you and we are all very very proud of you!

#5 de grote riks

Voor het verslaan van de opper boeman zelve! Jij bent de ware boeman klopper en de ultieme strijder tegen het abnormale! En al zijn jouw nachtmerries nog zo eng jij hebt de kracht om alles wat op je pad komt tegen te gaan door je kracht en je ultieme sterke vechtlust! 

Want het is niet elke dag dat de opper boeman wordt verslagen in zijn eigen spel en ik hoop dit ook nooit meer mee te maken Boemeid Mystiek en ik feliciteren je voor het doen wat nog nooit iemand gedaan heeft het verslaan en bang maken van de opper boeman zelve! 

Madeline #3

We congratulate Madeline with beating her own boogeywoman who she seen every day by looking in the mirror! The reflection of the boogeywoman instead of seeing her own has been hard on her for the longest time but she fought against a untouchable enemy with nothing but balls!

We congratulate you Madeline, and we are proud of you!

#4 the great unknown!!

For giving us a battle of a lifetime and off course winning that fight with ease and even for scaring us boogeypeople!

The great unknown is not one to be messed with for she left a scar on any of us boogeypeople we congratulate the great unknown for beating us in such a manner only the boogity-boogity monsters were able to do and we that you for the great review!!!