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Free children's book

The ultimate Boogeyman's beater guide, worth millions and millions and millions and millions and millions of moneys but free to download for anyone right here! Enjoy your nightmare free sleep, cause we're going to beat the Boogeyman together!

English version!

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12 votes

The Childrens Horror Read Aloud Book Ebook 1
PDF – 1,1 MB 185 downloads

Nederlandse versie! 

Rating: 5 stars
8 votes

Het Horror Kindervoorleesboek ebook 1
PDF – 1,4 MB 148 downloads

Hmmm what's this all about? 

Well soon part two will be available to download only at the boogeymans club! A place where a child can still be a child without being judged about their fear! What you see here are the upcoming stories and you can download and print them all for your child to colour in! 

Have fun while browsing the boogeyman's club! We hope you enjoy our dreams!