We hope you enjoy our dreams!

Information about the boogeyman's club!


We at the boogeyman's club are all dedicated to giving every single last one of you the dreams of your life!

saying that we mean that your dreams really are life-changing, our dedicated staff of boogeyman and woman are all highly appreciated in our club, so treat them with the respect that you receive from any of us too!

We give children the possibility to be themselves, but we also give a certain type of peaceful feeling while fearfully and honestly wrongfully thinking of the boogeyman! Cause not all boogeymen are scary or bad creatures, we were just made bad throughout our long long lives! 


Wij van de boogeyman's club zijn allemaal toegewijd om elke laatste van jullie de dromen van je leven te geven!

Dat betekent dat we bedoelen dat je dromen echt levensveranderend zijn, worden onze toegewijde medewerkers van boeman en vrouw allemaal zeer gewaardeerd in onze club, dus behandel ze met het respect dat je ook van ons ontvangt!

We geven kinderen de mogelijkheid om zichzelf te zijn, maar we geven ook een bepaald soort vredig gevoel terwijl we angstig en eerlijk ten onrechte aan de boeman denken! Omdat niet alle boemannen enge of slechte wezens zijn, we zijn gewoon slecht gemaakt tijdens ons lange, lange leven! 

Let's meet us!


Angel is a bringer of good dreams! Well very good dreams, but those are the only dreams that you won't be able to remember when you wake up the next morning! And it always leads to a misunderstanding in the club itself because a boogeyman's/woman's dream is the only one that you'll need to remember!


Salonok is also a sweet boogeywoman filled with love and compassion! There are a lot of boogeymman and woman in the boogeyman's club like Angel and Salonok. And you can meet way worse boogeyman in your search for the best boogeyman's club story..

 But in Salonok's case she's a bit of a wayward one, that will do anything to get your child's attention and focus that into his/her dreams...

Something that we at the boogeyman's club never known was possible!

Salonok the great

The supreme boogeyman!

Well I'm the founder of the boogeyman's club, and I'm the one that's giving a lot of you your nightly nightmare dose! But I don't do that to make myself feel tough or to be a bad guy, I'll give those nightmares because I really want you to be able to face us all! And only by giving the worse nightmares is for you to be able to head on another day!

The supreme boogeyman

Nightly Terror!

Nightly Terror is not one of the good guys he'll surely give a nightmare! For he's a dream eater and a nightmare feaster! This boogeyman does not play around! He just walked away from the gates of inferno and well his real name is still unknown but we call him Nightly Terror!

But when you get to know him he's a pretty decent boogeyman! But let me tell you if he doesn't captivate the attention of your child brother sister or mother in law no-one can! 

And off course we're open for new boogeyman and woman to join at least if you are boogeyworthy!