The adventure to the unknown club

Published on 15 October 2022 at 21:57

The adventure to the unknown club!

This children´s book is about promises people make and almost never live up to..

This is the first ever boogeyman beater club action adventure book and the idea came from a roommate of mine called patrick he told me that kids love action adventure stories and well I thought why not try to write one!

Well this particular book is something diffrent in it´s entirely cuase its all about Riks who wants to live his live in peace in the warm country of Greece but then Chantayno comes and Chantayno is briging a offer to the table of which he can´t refuse cause this offer is about Osiris the Egyptian god of the death what he endures to find the temple and what he has to do to find the relic is something you have to find out yourself in this new action adventure book of the boogeyman beater club but beware cause this ending might surprise even the biggest and oldest boogeyman beater of all time that is what makes this book a great children´s book to dwell in every night bevore going to bed and sleep and dream or have nightmares to be beaten!

I the supreme boogeyman am proiud to announce that one the kids has read this particular book and read it out loud at her school, That is why we are spreading our books for free with an optinal buy cause we aren´t creatin the books to make money on but we are writing the books to turn every kids frown upsidfe down!

We as a boogeyman beater club are very and I mean very proud of this achiemant and we hope more of these achievements are going to happen in the near near near future cause you and the children are the ones that can make and break our club!

Your´s sincerly the supreme boogeyman, the founder of the boogeyman beater club!


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