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New new and in the sale

Boogeyman beater club jigsaws

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Boogeyman beater club jigsaws
New new and in the sale

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This is the first ever Boogeyman beater club exclusive jigsaw! Only to buy on the Boogeyman beater club! This jigsaw like it used to be is great for a family night, while mom or dad might tell you a scary story about the Boogeyman are you worthy to be a boogeyman beater?

For a custom jigsaw puzzle contact me for English:


Voor Nederlands:


And let's make the greatest puzzle ever!


Dit zijn de allereerste boeman klopper club exclusieve legpuzzels en alleen te koop op de boemannenclub.nl! Deze legpuzzels zijn uniek in ieder opzicht en maken samen een geweldige familie avond en misschien vertelt mamma of pappa jouw wel een verhaaltje over de boeman, ben jij het waard een boeman klopper genoemd te worden?

And I´ll keep you informed about all costs because worldwide shipping can have a different pricetag in each country! And I know 30 euro´s of shipping is waaaaaaaaaay too much but for some countries it´s needed while for other countries like Belgium or any european country shipping lies around the 15 bucks or for Nederland it´s only 6 euro´s.... Everything you overpay in shipping is refunded by me yo´ve got my scouts honor on that!

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