The horror childrens read aloud book part 2

Published on 15 October 2022 at 22:16

TGhe horror children´s read aloud book part two!

This particular book and the highly and I mean highly appreciated part one has got a second part where not only me the supreme boogeyman tell your kids a bedtime storie but Blue Sky makes her first ever appearence and Mystiek has made her appearence known too and after introducing them to the world we hope you enjoy the stories yet to come!

Not to mention that I the supreme boogeyman has provided you with ten stories myself in this free to download 12 bedtime storie short story children´s book!

The first part was all and solemnly about beating the boogeyman and the boogeyman still makes his prenence known in this book, but somewhere on the downlow behind the mid ages where werewolves and vampires and the moon and robots and zombies and more and more are on the frontline battling in this book....

We are proud to announce the second part of the horror children read aloud book only free to download at the boogeyman beater club!

with an optional buy to support your favorite boogeyman!

We hope you enjoy our dreams, and don´t be a stranger in our club, we are always upgrading and improving the best we can!

Your´s sincerly the supreme boogeyman founder of the boogeyman beater club!

Click on the photo to order the hardcover:

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