Where kings are born in the homeland of the boogeyman

Published on 16 October 2022 at 15:46

This book is something unique like all of the boogeyman beater club books but this one has got scary boogiechauns and boogity-boogity monsters

This book has got a lot it might be small of size but not in deeds! because Blue Sky and me has written this book for a purpose and that purpose is for any kid to stand up to a bully, no matter hoe big or small a bully is everything and everyone has got a weak spot and when you´re able to find the weak spot no boogeyman or girl or bully whatsoever is going to win the fight!

Just like woods turned out to be a real tail popper, well Woods is an ordinary boy, but when he meets the boogiechauns, an ordinary boy turns into a king in no time, and not just any king, but the king of Fearland Feartopia himself! Where the Boegedie-Boegedie monsters roam free, devouring and devouring the entire planet! Can Woods save the land or will he lead the ogre to the abyss that you will discover in Where Kings Are Born in the homeland of the boogeyman!

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