It´s bestseller time for the boogeyman beater club!!

Published on 5 December 2022 at 01:24

At first we want to thank you all for this is the biggest achievement of the boogeyman beater club! We´ve made the amazon bestseller list with our children books! Not only paid but also free and that while you can download all books for free right on this website...

This is a great achievement for us as a boogeyman collective!

And we thank all of you for downloading the books and reading the books on amazon while downloading them on the boogeyman beater club first! And while reading our books there´s a lot more to the boogeyman beater club and the boogeyman beater club app!

For example has your child conquered his or her nightmares please send me a message as soon as possible via the contact information above and your child will of course receive its own boogeyman beater club certificate as a boogeyman beater and its own place on our dedicated boogeyman beater page and his or her own place on and for a small surcharge, the certificate will also be sent home in a print option of your choice such as canvas or just a postcard that you as a parent brother cousin nephew or distant neighbor can frame and show your child or your brother sister cousin or neighbor that he or she has defeated the boogeyman too! Or print the free certificate yourself and frame the certificate yourself!

Great time to order The ultimate boogeyman beater club hardcover collection: For 15 bucks only at the boogeyman beater club!!

I've done this hardcover extra in black and white like all my paperbacks are otherwise I can't keep the bogeyman beater club cheap prices alive, and I hope you'll understand!!  If you want a book in color, I refer you to this page: all free boogeybooks for the free downloadable e-book of your choice...

After this information, some more information about the book in question!  

This hardcover contains all books so far and a total number of pages of no less than 303!! Filled with everything that makes the boogeyman beater club so unique and beautiful and attractive to everyone because of the price and the stories offered written for all ages by me the supreme boogeyman Blue Sky and Mystiek! We at the boogeyman beater club wish you a lot of fun with this unique hardcover which will look great in your bookcase due to the unique boogeyman beater club cover where our Dragobete logo will hopefully make your worst nightmares disappear! And of course let your children or yourself sleep well because Dragobete may look scary but it is the watchman of children and the comfort of a night filled with nightmares, see Dragobete as the keeper of all evil that you or your child can cause at night because Dragobete is our support when it comes to guiding a child!  

Sincerely the entire boogeyman beater club!

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