First boogeyblog feature message

Published on 3 April 2022 at 02:17

First boogeyblog message about the features and upcoming features of the Boogeyman beater club!

This first boogeyblog message is all about welcoming you to the Boogeyman's club and exploring it features together...

At first we off course got our signature custom personalized children's books, but we have got a free children's book too and the second on its way! Secondly we've got a birthday card in png and pdf file what's free temporarily! Third weve got games, fourth we've got a app with games and a forum. Fifth we've got a welcoming bonus to the first 3 orders that are getting their custom personalized children's book in a hardcover for the price of a paperback! Sixth we've got a birthday wall, so everyone who is daring enough can be on this soon to be famous wall! 

Seventh is a upcoming feature called boogeymerch! And as eight and last (for now upcoming feature) we as a boogeyman beater club are going to be writing a boogeyman beater club collective book as well but we first gotta be known a bit so in that is where we are going to ask you for your help on spreading the word about us boogeymen and women....

It would mean the world to us to see what you guys think we are doing as a boogeymen collective!

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