New even cheaper feature!

Published on 10 April 2022 at 14:51

we´re rolling out a new and cheaper feature of the custum children books in form of digital ebook only!

So lets say you´re interested in our service but you still think a paperback or hardcover is too expensive in form of shipping cost cause we agree that 30 euro´s shipping is a whole lot and we´re offering as a new side feature that you can pay in two instalments of the paperback and hardcover including shipping! Not everyone can couch up 50 bucks for a childrens book.... So we´re going to ask for a instalment before we start creating the book and a instalment when we finished the book and all shipping cost that you overpay is going straight back to you in your paypal account but on the platform we´re using we just can´t set a diffrent price for worldwide shipping cause every country has diffrent shipping costs and there a lot of country´s so this is our well attempt to make up for the way too high costs!

And our second attempt to make up for them is spreading a Digital file only you can choose between a pdf file of the book or a epub file weŕe trying our best to make the digital file stand out as much as possible but thats not really easy to do so it might take us longer to create the digital file, including a nice and rich boogeyman´s beater club dress up...

Now you might wonder how much is this going to cost well we´re creating the digital file including a custom cover title and story appreciation and all we´re offering in the paperback and hardcover but with a rich dress up for each digital file for only 5 euros so that means there´s no shipping costs no printing costs no waiting times only the creation of the book!

Cause we at the boogeymanś beater we truly understand that 30 bucks of shipping is just to much for most of you! But this is the only print platform that we can use to spread and ship the book worldwide! 

And it got something to do with the fact that our main and only company is located in Feartopia Angstland to be exact and that´s not a very cheap distribution country!

We´re hoping to apolegized enough about our shipping our shipping cost and we´re trying our absolute best to work and cooperate with all of you to the max....

We hope you´ve enjoyed this blog and see you next time in a new update, welcome in the boogeyman´s beater club and don´t be a stranger!

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