New free children´s book: Kissed by the angel of death!

Published on 16 August 2022 at 11:28

Kissed by the Angel of Death is about Hein and Hein is not like everyone for Hein has got his own way of doing things....

Hein is just like you and me But while you and me are different so is Hein cause Hein is trained to be a master reaper but how can he do such a thing without finishing the reaper school?

Discription of the new free childrens book Kissed by the angel of death! Click the picture to download the book!

What if you could be harvested at any moment by a reaper that takes your soul to hereafter?
Everyone is afraid of what the future will bring, including me the supreme boogeyman! But I can tell you as a real boogeyman from the boogeyman club that Reapers are not always right!
for they seem scary and untouchable, they look scary and with their black hood they reap what you yourself have sown...
But Hein is different, Hein is a reaper like none of them because Hein never finished harvest school! and that is precisely why he ends up in very strange situations!
And he may not call himself a full-fledged reaper until he has completed a successful harvest, but that's harder than it looks if you don't know what you're doing!

Copyrigt by HIM all rights preserved!

Who? Well him!

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